On the 22nd of March, 2008, The Parsee Girls’ School Association, a pioneering body for the cause of female education, commenced its Sesquicentennial Celebrations at Albless Baug, Girgaon, Mumbai.

Founded in 1858 by far sighted stalwarts such as Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji, Faramji Nusserwanji Patel and K. R. Cama, among others, The Parsee Girls’ School Association opened the doors to formal education for girls by setting up several schools over the years. Today, the Association runs and manages The Bai M. N. Gamadia Girls’ High School and The Bai B. S. Bengallee Girls’ High School. Both these institutions have an excellent reputation and continue to provide a sound education to girls of all communities.

The Jashan Ceremony, held in-doors was attended by scores of students, ex-students, their families, teachers – past and present, the Trustees and the Members of the Managing Committee of the P.G.S.A. Among the alumni present was Dr. (Miss) Mehroo Bengalee – Ex-Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University and an ex-student of Gamadia School.

Most of the ladies were attired in the traditional ‘Gara’ and ‘Kor’ sarees that lent an auspicious look to the gathering. Everyone present wore beaming smiles which only grew wider as they met their beloved acquaintances and friends, after long years.

A brief musical interlude comprising some Monajats and devotional songs were presented by the staff and students of Bai M. N. Gamadia Girls’ High School. Having finished the religious ceremony, and clapping it all with the singing of The Parsi Anthem – ‘Chhaiye Hame Zarathoshti’, the celebrations were taken outdoors to be joined by even larger number of enthusiastic students – past and present.

Mrs. Roshni Irani – Principal, Bai M. N. Gamadia Girls’ High School and Mrs. Kashmira Balsara – Principal, Bai B. S. Bengallee Girls’ High School, felicitated the Trustees and the Members of the Managing Committee, through whose efforts the two schools are administered with smoothness and efficiency.

Mr. Minoo Bilimoria, Senior Trustee of the P.G.S.A. formally inaugurated the 150th Year Celebrations with a welcome speech. White balloons were released to symbolise the heights that the two schools have achieved and would continue to achieve. In the absence, due to ill health, of the Chairman of the Association – Mr. Adi Mulla, Mr. Bilimoria gave the historical account of the Association’s work and informed the gathering of its visionary ideals and pioneering service rendered to further the cause of female education in the city.

Amid loud cheers and applause, the audience expressed their loyalty, affection and support to the two Schools of The Parsee Girls’ School Association, which had moulded them and where they found their most enjoyable years.

The Websites of the P.G.S.A., The Bai B. S. Bengallee Girls’ High School and The Bai M. N. Gamadia Girls’ High School were officially launched by Mr. Bilimoria to a cheering audience.

A variety entertainment programme was presented by the students of both the schools which comprised of group dances and songs. The cultural programme was compered by Mr. Lily Udhnawala of Gamadia School and the vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Benaifer Mehta of Bengallee School.

A magic show and a performance by a juggler, arranged by the event manager, Mrs. Chargeman was greatly enjoyed by the old and the young alike. There were stalls for the up-beat generation, to sample the offerings of a tattoo artist and a handwriting analyst. Besides these, a diversity of food stalls pampered the taste-buds of one and all.

There wasn’t a dull moment as the evening was packed with excitement, delight and fun and the pleasure of greeting old friends with nostalgia. A spirited eighty year old, an ex-student of Gamadia School was among the oldest present in the gathering and was felicitated by our trustee, Mr. Kersi Commisariat.

The function ended with a splendid dinner by Ms. Tanaz Godiwala. As the evening darkened into night, the departing guests expressed a note of hopefulness to enjoy many more celebratory events during the 150th Anniversary Year.

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